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Anonymous asked: Her tour is still going, but it's going badly. Even worse than the BTW tour. Live Nation must be pissed tbh. Giving tickets away for free, barely selling out half the stadiums, etc

I just saw that!! But I’m still so doubtful lol, I mean could it really be true? Why hasn’t it been cancelled?

Anonymous asked: She's been talking about retiring from Pop music. She wants to release a jazz cover album a year and sing in a bar downtown. But she spins it to seem like it's her choice and she'd be happier that way, not the result of her failure. Her fans are turning on her for that interview .

Oh honey from your mouth to God’s ears, we should all be so lucky. But seriously, what failure? Isn’t her tour still going? I mean I loathe her with all my heart, I want her DESTROYED, but I just still don’t see it.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Gaga's demise?

I don’t know, will she have a comeback? I mean she needs to not work. Ever. That’s what a demise really is like for me

Anonymous asked: Do you believe in life after death, if so what makes you believe?

I do know it to be true, and I know because of all the things I have read, that do make so much sense when you apply it to the world we live in.